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Blue Ring Digital Services Ltd

Blue Ring Digital Services Ltd is your go-to team for awesome web design and hosting!

We're not just about good vibes – we're all about transparency. Unlike those other guys who make you jump through hoops to get a quote (seriously, who has time for that?), our pricing is laid out on our website for everyone to see. No hidden fees, no mystery costs. Plus, we're so confident in our skills that we back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The best part? We won't break the bank – our prices are down-to-earth, not through the roof.

Oh, and speaking of good vibes, we're also climate neutral because taking care of our planet matters to us.

Let's make your online presence shine!

About Us

Make the Snow template yours

Our Snow template is meticulously designed to mirror the seamless experience of this demo site. With pre-loaded stock images, fonts, and layouts, you can dive right in and customise suit your vision.

Included Stock Images


Template Elements

Explore the Snow templates design and available customisations


Template Typography

Explore our Snow templates' Typography


Page Image Gallery

Explore how images can display as a gallery on a standard page in the Snow template.


Sticky Page 4

Sticky Page Example


Stock Images Included

Explore the stock images included for our Snow. There are many more to choose from in our stock image library.

Meet the team

Here is an example of how the Meet the Team section would look

Job Title

Team Member 1

Team member details here..

Job Title

Team Member 2

Team member details here...

Job Title

Team Member 3

Team member details here...

Our Reviews

Just some of the Blue Ring Digital Service's awesome reviews

Jeremy P

"Our company website was originally created in 2007 and was in desperate need for an upgrade. We reached out to Dean and his team who took care of everything for us and produced a modern, fast and functional business website that really reflected our brand."

Craig E

"I started a small home business selling home made candles after losing my job due to COVID. Was provided with great support to help get this off the ground... they even gave me my design and hosting for free to help me out. Now I am back in full time employment so won't continue with the home business (who has the time) but I am eternally grateful for what I was given and it certainly help to keep the pennies rolling in and a roof over my head!"

Lacey H

"Turned my arts and crafts hobby in to a small business and love the design that was made for me. Easy to manage to add new bits that I have made and view and action online orders."

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Snow template

Can I change the template colours?

Yes. Our templates have fixed accent colours that can be easily change from the ECHO WebBuilder dashboard.

Can I disable items that are not relevant to my project?

Yes. The home page has a number of sections (such as a spotlight, blog posts, meet the team, and reviews), which can be disabled if they do not apply to you, your business, or your project. Its as simple as flicking a switch in the ECHO WebBuilder dashboard, and these section can be enabled or disabled.

Will this template work exactly as shown for me?

Yes. If you choose to use this template it will work and display exactly as shown here, with no coding or drag and drop design elements to worry about. Our ECHO WebBuilder interface will take care off all of this for you. All you really need to do is select the images, colours and the content wording your want displayed - the rest is done for you automatically.

Are all the stock images seen on this template included?

Yes. All the images that are seen on this site are available as standard via the ECHO WebBuilder Media Centre, along with other stock image collections to suit different use cases.

How can I get and use this template?

Visit www.blue-ring.co.uk and order our DIY web design with hosting services, once ordered our onboarding wizard will ask which template you want to start with, select the Snow template and follow the wizard instructions to begin customising. If you prefer to have us set this all up for you, just check out with our Professional Web Design and Hosting service, and the team will be in touch.

Are all the icons and fonts for this template included?

Yes. We have a large SVG icon library with over 9000 different icons and styles, as well as 25 different font styles to choose from.

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