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H1 Heading

Used for the main title of a page or section, often the most prominent text, signaling the primary topic.

H2 Heading

Employed for section titles or subtitles within the content, providing hierarchy and structure to the page.

H3 Heading

Useful for subheadings within sections, offering further organisation and clarity to the content flow.

H4 Heading

Typically used for subsection titles, providing a deeper level of hierarchy within the content structure.

H5 Heading

Applied for minor headings or labels within subsections, offering additional organisation and granularity.

H6 Heading

Utilised for the least prominent headings, often for footnotes, legal disclaimers, or other minor content divisions.


A blockquote is a typographical element used to visually distinguish quoted or cited text from the surrounding content. It's commonly used to highlight excerpts from external sources, providing context or supporting evidence within the narrative flow of a webpage.

Text Formatting

There are range of text formatting options to enhance the visual appeal and clarity of content.

Bold text is utilised to emphasize important words or phrases, adding emphasis and drawing attention.

Italic text is often employed for citations, emphasizing alternate meanings, or providing a subtle emphasis.

Underlined text serves to highlight key points, though it's less commonly used due to potential confusion with hyperlinks. 

The strikethrough effect is commonly used to denote deleted or outdated information, providing visual cues for revisions or updates.

Hyperlinks allow for seamless navigation between web pages, providing essential pathways to related content or external resources. 


Unordered List

Unordered lists provide a simple yet effective way to present information in a bulleted format. They are ideal for showcasing items without any particular sequence or order. For example:-

  • Explore our reviews: View our amazing and honest client reviews;

  • View our portfolio: Take a look at our portfolio and some of our previous design works;
  • Contact the team with any questions: The team are here 24/ 7 to answer any questions you may have, contact us today.

Ordered List

Numbered lists provide a structured format for presenting information in a sequential order. They are ideal for outlining steps, procedures, or any content that follows a specific sequence. For instance:-

  1. Create an account: Start by creating an account with Blue Ring Digital Services Ltd;

  2. Order a domain & hosting package: Choose a domain name and your desired hosting package, then start the checkout process;
  3. Design & customisation: Select your preferred website template and upload your content, or leave this to our design team;
  4. Go live: Publish your new website to the world in just a few short hours.

Centered Image

Here is a centered image with text underneath.

Left Image

Here is a left aligned image with the text to the right.

Right Image

Here is a right aligned image with text to the left.


Heading Heading
Data 1 Data 2
Data 3 Data 4